(Agency) It is indeed our great privilege to introduce Pakistan's leading news/photo agency to you. This is Pakistan's first bilingual news and photo wire service, dedicated to issues that are neglected by the mainstream media. We focus on national and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of the people of Pakistan in particular and the region in general. We disseminate genuine as well as useful information to the nation and the people across the globe. We are Pakistan's Independent International News Agency Established in September 2009. Its aim to provide true news to leading T.V. Channels of Pakistan and abroad, National as well as international newspapers on modern lines following the modern and latest standards; "                      " is working under the supervision of its founder Chaudhry Umar Hayat Sandha (A London based Journalist having experience of 15 years). He is renowned Journalist of Pakistan and has the experience of working for Pakistani as well as foreign Newspapers, News Agencies and TV Channels.

                        Core team is made up of some of the most distinguished figures of the industry in their respective spheres of skill, plus some of the most brilliant prospects. A delicate blend of experience and freshness, the crew, pitted against several practiced combinations, has come out a winner in many situations.

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